Basic HTML information you need to know about

Are you looking to learn HTML? This article should help you by covering some of the basic HTML information you should know about this programming language, why it is being used, where, and how you can learn it.

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and it represents the standard programming language that is being widely used for creating websites and applications.

Along with CSS and Javascript, it forms a foundation of technologies used to create the Internet.

The use of HTML is widespread. Even if you are not an average web developer, knowing HTML can certainly increase your price on the market.
As for any writer out there who has been working with CMS (Content Management System), a basic knowledge about HTML can be crucial. When a writer tries to format an article or any kind of web content, he must certainly use HTML elements.

Not to mention the importance of HTML for every graphic designer, animation expert or a striving web developer.

Elements of HTML

This programming language is consisted from HTML elements, which represents the building blocks of every web page.

HTML tags are being used to indicate the element, which always needs be properly closed by a closing tag.

For some of the elements, a closing tag is not necessary, but if you are a beginner starting out, using all of the tags is a method that is well advised.

Most common tags

If you are looking to gather enough HTML information from this article, you should know more about most commonly used tags and elements.

•    The Paragraph tag- The basic tag. To create and format a paragraph, you need to use <p> tag at the start of your desired paragraph. When it comes to the font, size or the color of the text you are looking to input, a CSS programming language will take care of it. Closing the paragraph tag with </p>. Difference between the opening and closing tag is obvious. A slashmark, which is necessary for code to work properly.

•    Header tag- These are treated as highly important. It does not matter if you are writing your article to target search engines, or you are looking to have a piece that is wonderfully formatted, adding headers is necessary. Header tags will be open with <h1> and enclosed with </h1>. H1 tags are highest level when it comes to header tags, and they are followed H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 tags.

•    Image tags- Having an image on a website is one of the key things. Knowing how to format an image inside HTML is not easy, because images often know to appear broken once they are uploaded to a website. Make sure you are using live URLs and you are specifying the height and width when working with HTML. You should be using <img> tags for inserting images.

These are three most common and widely used HTML tags. They represent the foundation of your HTML knowledge. Of course, you need to keep upgrading your knowledge about HTML as this is just basic information everyone should know about.

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