How To Design A Website For Personal Or Business Use

Design a website which will give your visitors the experience they are looking for, and you will achieve significantly higher conversions than your competition. Exactly what that will entail will vary from site to site, but the experiences of webmasters over many years has given us accurate pointers as to what is needed. The first essential is to be able to categorize your site and consider what it is your visitors are looking for. Are you creating a personal website, where you can afford to be creative with the design, or a business site which needs to get the information quickly to the end user?

A personal site is the easiest to handle at least the original concept of, because you know yourself better than anyone. You will also want to project who you really are to your site visitors. People are prepared to spend more time on personal websites, because they are visited during leisure hours. If you are artistically inclined, you can create your design on paper before you start to transfer it to a computer graphics program. Just be sure when you design your own website that the design is not so elaborate that it overshadows the content.

Commercial websites are a different case altogether. They need to be professionally designed and reflect the image of the company, but above all else they need to be simple to use. A searcher for a business is going to want to find the solution as quickly as possible, so a clean and easy to navigate site is far more likely to win a client than one which is full of advanced graphics. Many a business owner asks “Can I design my own website? and the answer is undoubtedly yes as long as you have some basic skills.

Many businesses have a need which goes beyond a simple brochure website, and in these cases the job really does need to be left to the professionals. A full e-commerce solution needs the integration of the design with the functional scripts to be able to run a shopping cart, and unless you have the necessary programming skills the job will be far too complicated for you to take on yourself. You can still design some images which you can give to the programmer to use on the site.

If you are wondering how to design a website yourself, you might like to know that there have been many innovations in recent years which can help you. A knowledge of HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) is always useful, and you can teach yourself with free tutorials on the Internet. This is no longer necessary, as there are many editing programs which can do this work for you, and also content management systems which make site design easy. Once you have learned the basics, you will find it easy to design a website.

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